Daily Archives August 6, 2012

Finding the problem, you have half of the solution

Hi, Aubrey here writing a quick note to all who know me in person.

As some of you may know, we sold our business and spent one full year at home doing what we liked to do. For Margaret, it is staying with our three kids – starting from September this year, she will home school them!

For me, it is publishing refreshing and inspiring views of the Bible. Within fives months last year (2011), I finished the typesetting and publishing of a series of Taichuan Tongs’ 6 books in Chinese on the topic of “End Times” and then it took Margaret and me a few more months to translate 2 of the 6 books into English. The first book of the series, entitled “Numbers & Roots of Numbers in the Bible,” reports an unprecedented discovery of a total of nine numeric roots for all numbers from 1 to infinity...

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