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New Mobile App Published : Numerical Root Calculator in English and Chinese

calculator_app_icon_english2We just published a new Android app called “Numerical Root Calculator” in both English and Chinese for TheoLogos Publications. The App Store and iOS version is under review and will be available as soon as it passes the review.

This calculator app works according to an universal principle that is hidden in the so-called fish number 153 recorded in the last chapter of John the Gospel. Based on this principle (termed “Trinity Function” by James Harrison and “Trinity Root Function” by Taichuan Tongs), a total of nine numerical roots have been discovered for numbers 1 to infinity. This unprecedented discovery was reported in 2011 in Taichuan Tongs’ book entitled “Numbers and Roots of Numbers in the Bible“.

We made a video for it…

You can install this app on your Android phone simply by search...

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