One Problem

OK, on the very first page of this website, we were trying to show you the one single problem with most of the websites out there, perhaps including yours. This one single problem is…

Most websites are NOT mobile browser optimized (MBO) while more and more people are using their smart phones to browse these sites.

Basically we were trying to explain the difference between a desktop view and a mobile view of your site. If you did not catch what we were talking and you were too lazy (pardon me for using this word) to check it yourself, then take a look at the following screenshots of this website you are viewing, both taken on my iPhone 4 – you can click on image to see a larger view:

Screen shot of this website homepage served in desktop mode

Desktop Viewing Mode

Screen shot of this site homepage served on mobile phone browsers

Mobile Viewing Mode

On the left is a screenshot of this website as seen in the desktop viewing mode (the regular mode which every website out there is designed for and viewed in. The screenshot on the right is for the very same URL but viewed in the mobile viewing mode.

You see we DELIBERATELY made these two versions quite different so that you could see the great contrast between the two. Still didn’t get it? Read the above paragraphs again until you see it.

Ideally we should have made the two versions the same style with some graphics on our mobile site. Since we are trying to let you dig deeper and have a greater impression of the problem, we leave it that way on purpose.

Sorry if I have been making you feel bad by revealing the problem this way. Yes, truth does hurt. Yet, knowing and acknowledging the truth can force us to face the problem and get it fixed.

If you truly see the problem yourself, you will be eager to know if there is a solution to this problem and what the solution is.

We have the solutions. Not just one, but two working solutions. Click here to see the two solutions we have for this one problem.

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