Two Solutions

Is your website Mobile Browser Optimized (MBO)We have two working solutions for the one problem we have been trying to help you to identify – if you have not perceived what the problem is, go back to our homepage to read through it one more time.

As it says, “A problem well stated is a problem half solved.” Having identified the problem, we have two solutions for you and these are why we are here for you:

1. We can make your existing website mobile browser optimized (MBO).

This is the more economic and also a sort of more cosmetic solution, because we use what you already have and make everything on your existing website look clear, big and easy to tap or move around on your customer’s mobile phone.

2. We can design and build you a mobile app plus a matching MBO site to supplement your existing desktop website.

This second solution also drastically changes the look of your existing website to make it optimized for the best view on mobile phone browsers. In addition to that, this second approach adds to it many more features than what the first solution cannot give. Moreover, because your app matches exactly the mobile site we build for you, the end user will have the best and most pleasant experience when they check your website. Since most other websites are not optimized for cell phone browsers, your website will stand out from those of your competitors and your customers may like it so much that they start to talk about it.

Another advantage of having a mobile app plus a matching mobile site is that your customers can continue using your app even when your site server is down.

So, if your company’s website is NOT optimized for viewing on a smart phone (mostly likely not) or you do not have an app for your own business, then watch the following video to see what we can do to help:

Now, take a look at the kinds of apps we can build for you – remember you will get a matching mobile site that looks just like your app if you choose us to build an app for you. For best experience, view the next page on your smart phone.