Mobile Site + Mobile App + Our Free Offer

This solution is the best in solving the one single problem that we have helped you to identify. It is like killing two birds with one stone.

We are so confident with this approach that we are offering a no-question-asked 100% discount for you! Here is how it works…

When you order the app design and the matching mobile site hosting service from us, no matter what app design and hosting package it is, we also build a traditional desktop site for you without any extra cost. To cap, you get the following three things in one shot:

1. A mobile app that can be downloaded and run by your customers;

2. A matching mobile site on our server that looks and functions just like your app;

3. Design and free hosting of MBO and SEO website that is optimized for viewing on any desktop computers and laptops.

If you ask us to do the mobile site/app combo, then you get the third service absolutely FREE. Note that this offer covers the design and hosting for your desktop site – you do not need to pay a penny extra as long as you sign up and pay for the one-time design/setup fee and the monthly hosting and maintenance fee for your mobile site/app.

Basically this is a three-in-one bundled offer: a mobile app, a mobile site, and a free desktop site. Your desktop site and your mobile site are hosted on two different servers so that your customers can still visit your mobile site on their mobile phones even when the desktop site server is down.

Note that this is a limited time offer. Once we get too busy to do all these things for many clients, we may have to stop this offer, so please consider this before we pull it off.

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