About Us

Aubrey and Margaret started this business because we see a great and new way for your company to reward your loyal customers.

Aubrey was interested in internet and computers when internet was only available in universities and academic institutions. Since the year 2000, he has been involved with domain hosting and web design as a hobby and for the needs of our book publishing house, TheoLogos Publications.

Aubrey and Margaret started this “Get Apps for Me” business as a division of 014599190 Global Inc, to help you get a Handy, Easy and Quality (HEQ) app with matching mobile site designed and built for you or your business.

We do specialized web and mobile design as well, for example, we can make your existing website mobile friendly in a matter of one day. This is achieved using the tactic we term as Mobile Browser Optimization (MBO) or Mobile Device Optimization (MDO). In our humbled opinion, making your website mobile friendly is something you should do right away, considering the fact more and more people use smartphones on daily basis.

Our motto for apps and websites we design is this: Handy + Easy + Quality (HEQ).

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