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We are specialized in MBO (mobile browser optimization) and SEO (search engine optimization). We can also build a mobile site with a matching app to be used on your customer’s mobile phone. This app will be functional even if both your normal website and mobile site are down. Here is our pricing:

We have set up three monthly plans for you to choose from for mobile site and mobile app design and building:

  • Mobile Site/App for Android Phones – $49.97/month
  • Mobile Site Plus Mobile App for iPhone/iPad – $69.97/month
  • Mobile Site/App for Android Phones and iPhones/iPads – $79.97/month

The one-time setup fee is the same for any of the above plans, $850 covers the cost of building the mobile site/app and submitting the app to Google’s Play Store and Mac’s App Store. The monthly fees above covers the hosting and maintenance of the mobile site and apps(s) by us and by you – yes, we give your the login information so that you can change whenever you need to make changes.

If you do not need an app for now, we can work on your existing website to make it Mobile Browser Optimized (MBO) and Search Engine Optimized (SEO) or create a MBO/SEO website for you if you do not have one. The following pricing applies when you do not need a native app that requires submission to Google and Apple:

  • Website MBO – $550 one-time fee
  • Website SEO – $550 one-time keyword research & site setup + $5/month ranking monitor & maintenance
  • Desktop site hosting with MySQL database – $15/month

Special deals are available if you want a combined package of some or all of the above services. Contact for a quote.

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