Website MBO or MDO – Got to Do It

If your own website mobile friendly?

This is a question you need to ask yourself more than ever before considering the fact that more and more people carry and use their mobile phones day in and day out.

Check websites out there, including yourself, you will see that a high majority of them are not mobile browser optimized (MBO) or mobile device optimized (MDO). Why? Because most websites were designed when just a few people had smartphones and most people useed mobile phones simply for calling and text messaging. So the web designers designed those websites for and on desktop computers where the screen was large and in landscape position.

Now is the time correct our mistakes in the past. We have the technology and skills to do it for you and do it right and fast.

This website itself is a live test and example. We have optimized it for the best view for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, Palm, Samsung, etc. It also has a feature for iPhone and iPad users to turn this website into a web-app which has it own icon, splash screen and web kit browser. An iPhone or iPad user can install this website as a web-app in a matter of one tap – if you use your iPhone or iPad to view our website, you may have already seen the bubble pop-up asking you to bookmark/install this website as a web-app on your phone’s home screen.

If your company does not have an native app your customers can download for free at Google’s Play Store and Mac’s App Store on their mobile phones, then talk to us.

We can make your existing website to act and work like an app in a matter of one day. All we need is your commitment and login info for your website’s control panel. If your web design does not want to give it to you – most won’t – then we have a work-around solution. Send us an email message and we will see what we can do for you.

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