Website SEO – A Case Study

Margaret asked me several times to put this real life case study up for our potential clients to see. Now you have it.

We used to own a brick and mortar business selling undermount sinks. The trade name is DiaSolid Kitchen & Bath. So we registered a domain and put all the kitchen, bar and vanity sinks on it. Since we were located in Calgary, we registered two more domains and and we set them up as well.

Almost three years have passed – for two years no one hardly touched the three websites, now all three of these websites are listed high on Google. They are not just on the first page of Google, but one of them is #2 for both keyword phrases “Calgary undermount sinks” and “Calgary undermount sink” – if you live in the vicinity of Calgary, you can verify this by clicking on the links I give you. Who is #1? because they have more fresh and dynamic content than our websites.

If you click on any of the links I give above, you will see the sequence of the following websites all on the first page of Google:


Note that we are talking in this real life case study about free and natural listings. And I did not do anything illegal to achieve these results.

It does take time and effort to achieve, but once you’ve done all the hard work and you look back at it, you know it is rewarding with virtually no extra work.

If you want to hire us to do the SEO for your website, we will do it better as we have learned more than we did three years ago.

One other area we can combine into our SEO work is Mobile SEO. As a web designer as well as an app designer, we will do whatever we can to help both your website and app to get noticed rather than being buried deep in search engines.

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